The Chiropractor’s Website Performance Checklist

13-Step Checklist of Research-Backed, Highly-Effective Website Marketing Techniques

Your website by itself is not a complete marketing system, but with these 13 proven, successful features & strategies – your website can become a patient-generating machine!

Get out your clipboards, let’s give your site an evaluation.

The Chiropractor's Website Checklist

Read more about each feature below!

1. Online Appointment Scheduling

90% of visitors who read your headline also read your call-to-action

Best practices for online appointment buttons:

  • Red, orange, or green buttons work best. Just make sure it stands out from the rest of the webpage.
  • This button should be the top right corner of your menu 100% of the time. No exclusions.
  • On main pages like your homepage, offer the button 3-4 times (more than that can actually decreases results!)
  • Buttons that open pop ups work much better than forms directly in the page.
Also, keep it simple! If you don’t have an online scheduling tool, it could be as simple as a form that triggers your front desk to call the patient.

2. Clear “Call Now” Buttons

85% of visitors who prefer to call do so on their 1st visit to your site.

Many visitors still prefer to talk to healthcare professionals in person. But what’s more amazing is, those people often call on their first visit – much faster than the 5-7 visits that need to happen before someone signs up online.

Make sure it’s easy to call you especially from mobile devices!

3. Search Engine Optimization

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

Your website is only a strong digital marketing tool if people can find it online. Some people may search for your practice’s name, but over 80% will search for a more general term, such as “chiropractor near me” or “back pain help.”

4. Local Listings Integration

There are over 300+ apps, websites, & search engines display local business contact information.
You can’t possibly create a profile on every local listing service. Instead use a Local Listing integration on your website to send your hours, phone number, website, services, & treatments to all of these sites from one easy dashboard. This also improves your Local SEO rank!

5. Recent Positive Reviews

88% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
Reviews are important, but it’s not enough to have good ones, they also need to be recent. 72% don’t trust reviews older than 6 months!Build your online reputation by gathering reviews from your patients through your website. The more reviews you get the more your SEO, online reputation and trust in your services improves.

6. Blogs & Lead Magnets

Including a blog as a key part of your website gives you a 434% better chance of ranking highly on search engines.

Blog posts increase traffic to your website by attracting visitors who are searching for content about chiropractic care via Google and other search engines.

Once visitors arrive to your blogs, lead magnets such as free ebooks draw leads to connect with you, grow your prospect list, display your expertise on specific conditions the visitor might need help with, and even increase the perceived value of your services!

7. Unique Page for Each Condition​ You Treat

Did You Know… It’s a BAD Idea to list your services or the conditions you treat on your homepage?

Instead, build detailed pages on each condition or specialty with plenty of “rich” content, testimonials, and calls to action.

This does 2 things: First, it makes Google recognize you as an expert in a variety of topics. Second, it builds trust with visitors by speaking directly to the pain they are experiencing.

8. Online Bill Pay

9 out of 10 consumers want to pay healthcare bills online.

Online bill pay makes the customer’s experience with you easier & improves collections. After all… why not give them as many ways to pay you as possible?

9. Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile experience is vital for every industry and demographic. A couple best practices for mobile design are:
  • Simplify everything – reduce the amount of sections on each page to what’s most important.
  • Replace Videos with still images where possible
  • Focus on encouraging phone calls… they’re already on a phone!

Not only that… Google checks your mobile speed FIRST, so your site also needs to have updated technology in the base code (or back end) that keeps it fast.

10. Automated Chiropractic Chatbot

45-75% of visitors who open a chatbot request a callback or appointment.

Consumers are more and more impatient. Today, most consumers don’t choose the “Best” solution as often as they choose the first to respond.

Answer your website visitors basic questions automatically with a friendly chiropractor’s Chatbot!

11. Analytics & Reporting

Using data at the center of marketing decisions can increase marketing ROI by 15-20%
Knowing how your website and online marketing is performing is key to achieving maximum ROI from your marketing dollars. Metrics and reporting dashboards can provide you with valuable information on where traffic and new patients are coming from.Also, keep in mind many patients will choose to call you instead of sign up online. Make sure you can tell which calls are from new patients vs current ones.

12. Patient Lead Followup

Patient Leads contacted within an hour of inquiring are 7X MORE LIKELY to schedule an appointment.
Make sure your front desk has a plan for handling new leads that come in. They should be notified quickly & follow up within an hour when possible. Ideally, your website is sending these leads to your system automatically.

13. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Once your website is effective, it’s time to jumpstart your results with PAID ADS!

Search Engine Marketing (such as Google Ads) can be a highly-effective way to find MORE new patients at a very reasonable acquisition cost.

But… This one is last on purpose! It’s vital that you get your website ready before spending money on ads or paid clicks might not convert enough to be profitable.

How did you do?

If your Chiropractic Clinic website is missing any of these key marketing features, chances are high that you’re missing out on new patients who are looking for you!

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